There are loads of anime coming out in the first window of 2023, which will start in a few days in early January. While the previous anime will complete its run, there will be new original works, others from manga and still others from video games. And among the latter, it clearly stands out Nier Automata Ver1.1a.

this is that official name of the anime of Nier Automata, a project reworked by Yoko Taro that is heavily based on the video game while telling a sometimes different story in order to always keep the audience glued to the screen and not make them guess what exactly is about to happen. Recently, Nier Automata's character trailers have multiplied, focusing on the various characters that inhabit this desolate world, including rebel machines and androids who must operate to liberate Earth and make humanity viable again make.

That new trailer for Nier Automata Ver1.1a does exactly that. It once again highlights the protagonist 2B, who wanders in a gray and devastated world, between ruins and huge machines that want to kill her, but she with her sword will move gracefully on the battlefield and in a black- dancing white lightning, as you can see very well from the video available above, published on the official production account.

The Platinum Games game's anime will therefore be released in January, but for how long? How many episodes will the Nier Automata anime have?? According to the Blu-ray Disc release announced in Japan, the whole thing will consist of 12 episodes, which will then air for three months between January and March. Are you ready to embark on this poetic adventure again?

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