Of course, Hunter x Hunter Breaks is a heartbreak for any loyal reader of Yoshihiro Togashi's manga. Still, it has to be said that the mangaka has managed to captivate half the world with his story, despite the very dance-like pace of the publication, which also consists of chapter groups that are scattered from time to time.

This has happened again this time, with Weekly Shonen Jump, which in the last ten weeks brought ten chapters of Hunter x Hunter, from chapters 391 to 400. The bracket dedicated to mafia families ends, at least for the moment, also with a look dedicated , what happened to the Ghost Brigade and why Quoll Lucifer decided to create it. However, with Hunter x Hunter 400, the scenario changes and returns to the clash of princes, with Kurapika returning after a long absence in the very last table.

What will happen in Hunter x Hunter 401? The return of the manga is very far away and without a date, but you can already try to imagine what will happen. First of all, it has to be said that the current protagonist, namely Kurapika, will take center stage again. After the pacts he made with some princes, it is now the turn of Tubeppa, the fifth prince of Kakin. However, the woman appears to be charismatic and powerful, hence dangerous, but compared to her older brothers, she seems more rational and less combative due to her scientist nature. We're expecting a big explanation on how it's been going in the meantime and on the training sessions being held with the various lord guards.

When is Hunter x Hunter 401 out?? The release date of the next chapter is shrouded in mystery and only a new release from Shueisha in the near future will make it clear.

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