The battlefield has been completely turned upside down by the villain alliance. That Kurogiri awakens it allowed the villains to come together and instead subvert the command the heroes had given. Things are getting a lot more confusing and difficult in My Hero Academia now, especially when you think of another weapon available to enemies.

Himiko Toga actually transformed into Twice with what little blood she had left. The villain wants to continue what his girlfriend has been doing, so for forty minutes she will use this power and, thanks to the Kurogiri portals, she will invade any battlefield, creating an army to finally overwhelm the heroes. But Uraraka doesn't stand by and watch: she, too, arrives in Gunga with Tsuyu, determined to face her apparent nemesis, who, however, will certainly not be easy to beat.

My Hero Academia 377 will start the expected fight between Himiko Toga and Uraraka? At the moment this seems to be the decisive fight as it is not possible for Kurogiri to already think about his defeat. In fact, Kohei Horikoshi might decide to leave the situation pending in order to present the changes in the various battlefields in their entirety. In fact, not only the Gunga scene will change, but also those in other parts of the country. What state will the heroes find themselves in after this unexpected and unfavorable change?

My Hero Academia 377 will appear on Manga Plus during Epiphany: The next chapter is officially scheduled for January 6, 2023 at 4:00 p.m., given the Weekly Shonen Jump holiday calendar.

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