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Final Chapter: First Contact

Loid, disguised as a teacher, invades the school because it's the day the Imperial students' parents are coming, which means Desmond senior will be leaving too. Anya manages to read his mind to find out about the plan and helps her father so that Damian meets his father since he had asked her to see him. Anya also wants to wait for the main villain, but she falls asleep and Becky takes her home. But Loid is still hanging around and at the right moment he shows himself to Damian, prompting him to contact his father. These two gentlemen converse, although Loid is the one who talks the most, with the spy attempting to learn about the Patriarch Desmond's deeds. Time flies and the psychiatrist has to go. The first contact is made.

chapter opinion

The long awaited and possibly unwanted final chapter of the first part of Spy x family has come. It definitely wasn't an action chapter, but I felt emotion and tension, much more than the fighting moments of the anime. I suppose that although it was an expected situation, since progress was already showing it, we didn't know how they would meet and what they would talk about, in addition to the fear that something might go wrong. This conversation seems to me to be the central part of the chapter, the rest is a series of actions that lead us there. Sure, without diminishing the importance of Damian's relationship with his father. For the rest, Anya was a great support, because for them, Loid managed to face Desmond. The rest was expected from Anya. That makes me say Becky has to be the girlfriend of choice when you grow up, someone you can trust when you go to a party.

The chapter didn't leave great visuals, at least from what I've seen, I'd say it left some important ones but not of overly quality. The same applies to audio material. The chapter corresponds fully and really makes you want more, since contact has already been made with the great patriarch.

parent talk

Being a parent is complicated. I don't know if there is any reader who is a father, but when I compare my parents I think they hit some points in terms of parenting. Cold does not mean that the parent does not love the child, only that there are different situations. For example Kratos and Atreus, he raised his son the way he was raised or tried to, then he realized it did more harm and he changed. I think a similar situation is Desmond father and son, the patriarch was brought up cold and treats his children like that. Loid, on the other hand, shows more expressiveness but tries to say things that can empathize with Desmond, so I don't know how sincere what he says is (although what he says about Anya seems sincere).

Intimidating, serious, he orders with his breath. He also seems calculating and reading the environment, that's what startled me because it seems like behind the mask he read from Loid that he didn't quite buy this story. He only comes across as polite, warm, and calm because that's the image he's trying to convey. But it was noticeable in his gaze that he went beyond appearances. We'll see what becomes of all this.


As you know, there's a movie and another season coming. As far as I know, there aren't many details about what the film will be like. Depending on when the film comes out, this may be a break between seasons one and two, although the film has already been confirmed to have original content, but shouldn't bear any relation to what's to come canonically. I doubt that's the case, but I still hope.

That was all with Spy x family. I will miss Anya's "Waku Waku" and her relationship with Damian. I will continue to believe that Loid and Yor can have a real relationship. And I want Yor to have more relevance. Now it's time to wait for more.

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