The anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is busy with a new original saga that will follow viewers until the end of the year. Pending to find out if this will be the last unreleased story arc produced by Studio Pierrot, Boruto Uzumaki must survive ouga maze game.

In Boruto 276 the maze game has begun, an unpublished saga in the pages of manga in which the Konoha ninja faces one terrible experiment conducted by the mysterious Ouga. As a victim of the games, Naruto's son, along with other competitors, tries to survive the game by saving as many lives as possible. However, not everyone paddles with him.

In Episode 277 of Boruto, the protagonists of this arc survived the second experiment while in the meantime Sarada and Mitsuki investigated the incident the Fulmitreno that her teammate was riding. The two members of Team 7 grow ever closer to the truth, but Boruto now faces the third of four tests.

in the Boruto 278 The participants in the experiment must grab one of the last two remaining parchments. However, discouragement is rising among them, causing them to dwell on the choice. When you finally gather your courage, it turns out that this will be the toughest and deadliest of all games. A spooky room awaits Ouga's lab rats. Instead, in January, the Code saga seems to start in Boruto's anime.

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