About a month ago, the voice actress of The Attack of the Giants and Violet Evergarden Yui Ishikawa she revealed that she had received several death threats addressed to her and her family, for unclear reasons. Today, 4 June 2020, Japanese police confirmed the arrest of the alleged culprit, a 21 year old boy named Fukata Kishimoto.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect sent several letters to the voice actress and others Tatsuki, director of the anime adaptations of Kemono Friends and Hentatsu. The Japanese broadcaster NHK reported the news this morning, revealing that the boy would have posted several messages on social networks referring to the sad event that occurred in July 2019, in which 36 people lost their lives due to a fire that broke out in the Kyoto Animation headquarters.

Kishimoto has already pleaded guilty, admitting that he wrote the posts in his own hand. The boy did not clarify the reasons that would have led him to threaten Yui Ishikawa, but he still defended himself declaring that he never really thought of hurting her. More information will be shared in the coming days.

Yui Ishikawa can therefore return to work without worries, excellent news for the girl and for all the fans of The Attack of the Giants, currently awaiting the distribution of the fourth and final season.

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