The heroes are just one step away from defeat. there War of my hero academia season 6 is in the hands of the villains who have the upper hand on both sides of the battlefield. If on the one hand nobody can stop the run of Gigantomachia, on the other hand All For One got itself a new body.

The company of heroes received the final coup de grace in My Hero Academia 6x09. After severely injuring Gran Torino in the leg, Tomura Shigaraki turned his punches on Eraserheadwho held him back. Aizawa was hit by one of the projectiles developed by Overhaul's Shie Hassaikai and was forced to cut off his leg to keep his Quirk. However, Shigaraki immediately gouged out his eye.

Without the power of Eraserhead, the heroes must now face the deadly power of theShigaraki's "All for One".. However, it will still take some time for the villain's body to adjust to the new power, precious minutes that Deku uses to inflict his worst blows on him.

However, even Endeavor's contribution wasn't enough. Charred alive, Tomura Shigaraki's body was loaned by All For One, who now inhabits his soul. Master of the Quirk that All For One has pierced Number One and Bakugo with one of its multiple uniqueness. And what will happen now?

His best friend was fatally shot and Deku allowed his anger to get the better of him. That Battle with All For One takes place in the dream world of One For All and will continue with the release of My Hero Academia 6x10.

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