The characters of ONE PIECE are diverse and remarkable. Most have made important contributions to the journey of Luffy and his companions, who have now arrived in Onigashima, where they will face the battle that could lead them to reach the top of piracy. There can be no mistakes against Kaido and Big Mom when it comes to the pain of death.

Especially in a clash with the emperors, the protagonists have to give everything without holding back. The Chapter 1011 of ONE PIECE it brings us back to watching how the two Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, behave. After an ice cream and candy with colored pages, we are shown again in Onigashima, where Big Mom managed to save herself thanks to Prometheus. This time the woman calls in a new homie named Hera. The power of its lightning is so great that it wipes out part of the Onigashima dome and kidd and killer are pushed away with it.

The two are on the third floor while they are upstairs Luffy and Kaido continue fighting with Haki from the Conqueror King, after Law and Zoros escape from the area with Zeus. Kidd and Killer return to the lower floors when Big Mom re-enters the castle. Instead, they intersect with Hawkins and some of Kaido’s men. The traitor transforms with his devil fruit and starts a fight with Killer while Captain Kidd goes to the Empress.

In another area Usopp and Nami run away from page one again together with Tama and Komachiyo. Her attacks are designed to slow the dinosaur down while Tama prepares for the order she must give to anyone who has eaten her kibi dango once she reaches the central stage. But suddenly Big Mom appears, who first wants to pounce on Nami and Usopp, but is then made friendly by Tama. As Prometheus explains, Big Mom goes into mother mode and so listens to what the little girl says a lot, including her story about the village of Okobore.

Big Mom learns that Kaido’s pirates destroyed the village that took care of her while she lost her memory, and at the same moment Page One breaks into the corridor. Angry, Big Mom throws a punch that knocks out the dinosaurunder the angry look of Ulti. ONE PIECE will return with Chapter 1012 after the break from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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