In September the ONE PIECE editor announced the arrival of Wano's climax, climax and finale. After a whole series of clashes with the Straw Hat Crew pirates, the shirts tighten and there is little left to cover. the The final battles will be the basic ones.

In Onigashima only a few battles remain to be ended; Mainly the emperors and the two right arms of Kaido, next to Raizo VS Fukurojuku. ONE PIECE will not only focus on these, however, as the situation of Kazenbo, the fire demon summoned by Kanjuro, the rescue of Kiku and Kinemon, and the arrival of Yamato in the arsenal must also be completed. Orochi also seems to play a role in this whole story.

ONE PIECE 1031 who will focus? The next chapter of the manga could continue with the end of the previous one and shows us the effects of the Kid and Law's attacks on Big Mom. Despite the awakening of Kid and Law's Devil Fruit, hard for the empress to be overwhelmed with so little. It is therefore not certain that the battle will end and Oda will talk a few sides about it before moving on to another, again leaving the situation open.

And given Orochi's return and his desire to go with Fukurojuku, the latter may reappear for a few more pages. However, a meeting between Orochi and Yamato at the end cannot be ruled out. ONE PIECE 1031 will be released on November 7, 2021 on MangaPlus at 4 p.m.

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