A press release announced that the manga was written and illustrated Gido Amagakure, Otonari ni Ginga (A galaxy next door), will have an anime adaptation that will be released in Japan in 2023. The statement revealed the production details and the first promotional image of the project.

Otonari ni Ginga

Amagakure began publishing the manga in the magazine Fine! afternoon from the publisher Kodansha in April 2020. He also wrote the manga Amaama to Inazuma (Cutie & Flash), which appeared in the same magazine between 2013 and 2018, for a total of twelve compilation volumes and an anime adaptation released in July 2016.

voice output

  • Taku Yashirou like Ichiro Kuga.
  • Yuu Wakui as Shiori Goshiki.

production team

  • Ryuichi Kimura (Aikatsu! kemono friends 2) is responsible for directing the anime at the studios Asahi production.
  • gigaemon ichikawa (Chikasugi Idol Akae-chan, The Fruit of Evolution: Before I knew it, my life had made it, Kedama no Gonjiro) is responsible for writing and supervising the screenplays.
  • Fuyuka Ootaki is responsible for character design and animation direction.

Summary of Otonari ni Ginga

From the creator of the hit manga and anime about food and family, Amaama to Inazuma is the new sweet and wildly romantic comedy. Called upon to support his two little brothers, a desperate manga artist meets a new art assistant. But his arrival isn't just a small step, it's a giant leap...

Since the death of his parents, manga artist Ichiro has struggled to survive and is forced to support his two little brothers with a middle school education. He doesn't even have time to learn how to use a computer, which forces him to constantly fiddle with pencil and paper. When his artistic assistants quit to go his own way, juggling deadlines, family and the constant fear of losing his job, Ichiro feels on the brink of total collapse. But then a new helper appears in Ichiro's life, and his prospects immediately look up! She is a great artist, she is always ready on time and she is pretty too. But he also seems to know a lot about him and soon makes a confession that causes Ichiro's mind to stretch beyond the limits of the earth...

Source: Weird Natalie

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