Watchmen: DC Comics announces a spin-off from Tom King on Rorschach

Some minutes ago, DC Comics unexpectedly announced a new project for Rorschach, one of the protagonists of the series Guardian by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The series consists of twelve comics from the six-time winner of the Eisner Prize Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle) and designed by the talents Jorge FornΓ©s (Batman).

The series will debut on October 13, 2020 under the Black Label and is aimed at audiences from the age of seventeen. The first edition, whose cover you can see below, is available at a special price of $ 4.99. According to the first information, the story will play 35 years after the events of the original series.

""This is very political work, just like the HBO show or the original 86 Watchman series"said Tom King in a press release."I would almost call him angry. Today we are all so angry and we have to use that anger to do something. Rorschach is that too. This split is not mentioned Rorschach only because it focuses on the character of the same name, but also because when you look at it you will understand more about yourself (Ed. Likely quote in the Rorschach test) ".

And what do you think about it? Curious? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that Tom King has left the original Batman series to focus on new projects, including the Batman / Catwoman mini series. The expectations of this new work obviously rise.

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