During last month's live stream J-pop manga had confirmed the arrival of a number of interesting comics on Italian soil. Today, July 15, 2020, the publisher showed in a press release the results of the second half of July, including the highly anticipated "So I'm a spider, so what?".

  • Kota: the dog that lives with us by Takashi Murakami - July 15th

The sweet story of Kota, the cartoonist Takashi Murakami's lively family dog, arrives in an autobiographical manga that paints situations familiar to anyone who has taken an animal in their life. With all the fun, joy (and anger) that this brings.

  • Whisper of love even in the rusty night by Ogeretsu Tanaka - July 15th

Yumi, an apparently happy and carefree boy, is in a relationship with Kan-chan, who furiously releases the frustrations of his job. Yumi believes that she deserves nothing more than this kind of relationship in which fists, sex and blood mix in what he thinks is love. Suddenly, however, an old swarm appears in front of his eyes, Mayama, who makes it clear to him how much Yumi really wants to be really and completely loved ... By the author of the Yarichin Bitch Club, Neon Sign Amber and Escape Journey!

  • So I'm a spider, so what? by Okina BABA and Asahiro Kakashi - July 22nd

The new Isekai phenomenon that made Japan fall in love with So I'm A Spider, So What came to Italy on July 22 for the J-POP Manga label and inspired an anime to be released in January 2021 shall be. Perfect Who loved the rise of the shield hero, Overlord, Re: Zero, Danmachi and Sword Art Online.

So I'm a spider, so what? # 1, an ongoing series of 8 volumes, appears in bookstores, comics and online shops with a variant cover-glow-in-the-dark limited edition and a bookmark. The free preview is already available in the Comic Store.

Summary: In a world parallel to ours, the hero and king of the demons collide in an epic battle, the effects of which reach our reality and cause the enigmatic explosion of a classroom. A tragedy that reaps the life of a group of students who are all destined to be reborn in the parallel world where they can continue their lives. For one of them, however, fate brought another surprise: the body in which it will return to life is not that of a human being, but that of a spider! Also trapped in a very dangerous dungeon! Armed only with her human cunning and knowledge, our unfortunate heroine has to go among the fearsome monsters that populate the dungeon in an exciting and extraordinary adventure.

  • All is well by Kanna Kii - July 22nd

A boy who suddenly leaves his job in an animation studio, a cat who is enlivened by an unfathomable will, two girls on a school trip who end up at an idol concert ... At the center of the cartoonist's lens are the days of one Group of friends and other people (and strange animals) crossing the street told with a surreal piece of lifestyle and a little magic.

  • Tokyo after hours - box (3 vol.) By Yuhta Nishio - July 29th

In the stroboscopic world of underground clubs in Tokyo, a fateful meeting between two girls takes place, which leads to an unforgettable and romantic tour of the nightlife of the fascinating Japanese city.

And what do you think about it? Is there anything that inspires you? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In the meantime, we're taking this opportunity to remind you that I'm a spider, so what? will soon be an anime, and the first season will debut on Crunchyroll in January 2021.

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