After the great battle in March Deku found himself in a bad situation in My Hero Academia. It has been a few weeks since the great battle against the villains turned into a kind of defeat for the heroes' society, which was forced to work overtime to try to limit the damage.

My Hero Academia, defeated by Muscular, introduced us to Deku's new life, alternating between brief moments he is in Contact with All Might and others where the point is simply to keep moving and save the others. That way he won't be chased by All for One and Shigaraki.

Another slice of this hero's life is told in My Hero Academia 310. A girl with an animal quirk is attacked by some civilians who believed she was a villain, but Deku steps in and calms the situation down. All Might comes immediately afterwards, calms the girl down, but also gives the protagonist a warm meal with which he can refresh himself and keep fit.

Deku leaves immediately and starts one Discussion with previous owners of the One for All. The hero knows that the others can barely compete with Shigaraki, and because of this, it is up to him to end the centuries-old feud between the two quirks. And at this point, Horikoshi brings us back to the discussion with the owners of the One for All that took place in the hospital.

Even the first asked the fateful question second and third owners reveal themselvesalong with their ideas and thoughts. Accepted as the protagonist, Deku can now count on the quirks of all 7. My Hero Academia 311 will arrive after Weekly Shonen Jump's spring break.

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