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Chapter 2: Winter stay and future

From then on, Myne stays in the cathedral, with the servants, who are his friends, so to speak, only at a reasonable distance, receives sporadic visits from his loved ones (Lutz and Turi). But that doesn't prevent the loneliness of the Myne girl, who must now face the adversities of the future, the present, and the misfortune of possessing so much mana. There are solutions, but he doesn't want to get away from his family, which is why he spirals out of control, although he manages to come to terms with the high priest only until he is ten years old.

Chapter Opinion

A good chapter without being excellent, I take it as a more in-depth development of the issues raised in the previous chapter and with those of previous seasons. Lots of text for some, probably yes, they want to force us to read (through subtitles). But I enjoy it, they have an approach that doesn't bother (quite contrary to what happened to me LogHorizon in its third season, where I found his dialogue too heavy). Don't expect physical action, but do expect action in terms of developing problems you can spot.

On the other hand I think we should call the FBI, what happened between the High Priest and Myne at the end made me do it. I know there are no bad intentions in either character, but I still wonder if there isn't one fan service for lolicons. Whatever it is, good chapter.

Myne's loneliness

Where you don't feel comfortable, you just feel alone. It's not that "Servants" don't like Myne, I think she would be friends with them, just that the rules stop her from doing so. Fran is neither a villain nor an unpleasant character, she is just someone completing her mission and serving as a guide into the unknown of the noble world. In my opinion he is a very good character, although his role makes the mouse sad.

Now imagine one day seeing the former place you still love only from afar. what would you feel I guess something that tells them to stay close, not go away. That's what Myne feels, she doesn't want to part with her very, very dear people because they were the ones who made her grow and selflessly supported her. Therefore, when Turi leaves, Myne whispers "don't go". I don't think that "habit is stronger than love" applies here, but rather: Because I love you, I want to be close to you.

Revolution... in sight?

Something that struck me as very odd was that Myne's goal is to get people reading and writing, so if there are more people who know how to do that, there will be more books (and added that the production prices of the books became cheaper for the same mouse). Aside from being in a kind of magical 'Middle Ages', not infrequently changes like the world are witnessing with the advent of the printing press, and that means a cultural revolution. All of this would potentially lead to an enlightenment of the nonmagical, both intellectually and militarily (as the mysteries of creating antimagical artifacts would spread), and this could start a French Revolution.

It's just a hypothetical field, but possible. Myne's love of reading could cause thousands of deaths in the long run. Now I'm wondering, was Gutenberg a fan of reading? Will this be the isekai and Truck-kun will have run over us already? Questions that won't let me sleep.

Problems of (a) the future

Adding to the problem of the wolf and the ink guild that Benno needs to find out more about is the machinations of the nobles. Myne arouses the envy and astonishment of the nobles, adding that she was apparently favored by the feudal lord for her abundant mana. You and those around you are in danger as long as you are a citizen. A "simple" solution that Karstedt adopts and becomes aristocratic, for which the mouse is better protected. Only she doesn't want that. Right now he only has Damuel as his bodyguard. Things can be held back until Myne turns ten years old, then things will change, the High Priest hints.

There's one more detail that Myne says he's feeling, but I think that's very well understood. Now we have two issues for the season apart from the ones she has internally. Waiting to see what happens, and most importantly, hope not to call the FBI.

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