After several years of publication, one of the most important speakers in recent years - Haykiu! - finished his run on Weekly Shonen Jump. Several signatures from the magazine have given real appreciation to the author and fans, who are still shaken at the end of the work.

Haykiuu is celebrated in Japan on August 19th! Dayand for the past few hours, fans have been taking to social media to pay homage to the manga - start discussions, share the most iconic boards, and dust off some of the current moments.

On this occasion also the official Twitter profile of Haykiuu! has posted a thank you post addressed to the author, with splendid color illustrations attached. Although the persistence of work on the magazine's pages is now over, There will be room for the fourth season of the animated series in the coming months.

The second part of the season will re-air in October - unless there are last minute postponements. The latest episodes were scheduled to air for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but the upheaval caused by the coronavirus has forced the studio to postpone it.

Haikyu To the Top will be shown in two exciting trailers: the opening and the end. Haikyu !!: The author welcomes Weekly Shonen Jump with a final message.

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