Hunter x Hunter returns. After a break of several years, the author put his foot down and concentrated on returning to drawing, initially only with sketches. The opening of the Twitter account was a success and brought the opportunity to follow the daily updates of one of the most famous mangaka of all time.

A few days ago, Togashi had shared some pages whose numbers clearly indicated that the end of the chapter had been reached. As a matter of fact, A classic Hunter x Hunter chapter consists of 19 pages, practically like almost all titles that appear weekly on Weekly Shonen Jump. And the nineteenth page was shared in a tweet from yesterday, where unfortunately very little is differentiated except for a shape that looks like a sofa or a bed, flanked by various small sketchy doodles that don’t make the situation clear.

But the new Togashi tweet from today, June 6th, is also important: the mangaka confirmed that they are missing three chapters of Hunter x Hunter to complete this cycle of 10. That means Hunter x Hunter 398, 399, and 400 are missing for the usual ten chapters the mangaka has published in recent years.

Obviously we’re talking about the completion of the drafts and not the actual chapters, which instead require more work to be done later once all the drafts are complete. Only at this point Togashi will return to regularly publish the chapters on Weekly Shonen Jumpbut with these passages, that moment draws even closer.

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