The manga reaches an important point that of the anime ONE PIECE Never give up. The war now comes to a head with the terrifying generation challenging Kaido and Big Mom on the rooftop of Onigashima. However, on the lower floors the battle is no less as all the officers of both sides take position.

The hardest for now was Sanji: Attracted by the female silhouettes of Black Maria's servants, the poor Mugiwara cook fell into a trap. The last episode of ONE PIECE focused on him and his moans and cries for help. Almost as if to give in to blackmail, Sanji calls Nico Robin, who appears and begins his fightin the company of Brook.

In ONE PIECE 1021 it will be Nico Robin's turn against Black Maria. The crew's archaeologist has been through her struggles since joining the Mugiwara, but never has a fight been so challenging, so she'll finally see herself in action. The trailer makes it clear: the two will fight for victory. Of course, there will also be room for other fronts.

As Sanji staggers, Yamato and Carrot spring into action, though only the mink fights a stubborn Perospero in the fight. ONE PIECE 1021 is titled "The Spank Hits Rush! Sanji's Romantic Misadventures!" and will be published on crispy roll Sunday 12 June 2022.

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