As those who follow the weekly Weekly Shonen Jump manga now know, there is always a break in August to celebrate the Obon, a special and very important holiday for the Japanese world. This means that every year ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and many others take a week off. But this year 2020 is a special year.

In fact, the magazine has let its authors take a lot more breaks over the past few months. Eiichiro Oda from ONE PIECE is one of them, followed by Kohei Horikoshi from My Hero Academia and Yuki Tabata from Black Clover. But now is the time to bring the entire magazine to a standstill, which was expected a few months ago, and this is causing the magazine to take a break it has never taken in years.

ONE PIECE and the others will not be published on MangaPlus this Sunday because the date will be postponed to August 2nd. Let's see the whole calendar together week after week.

  • There are no weekly Shonen Jump chapters on Sunday, July 26th;;
  • Sunday, August 2nd, they will return regularly at number 35;
  • Sunday, August 9th there will be another edition with the double number 36-37;
  • A new break comes on August 16;;
  • The regular return of the magazine is expected at least for the time being from August 23 with the number 38.

Obviously that Calendar is the official Weekly Shonen Jump and therefore does not take into account the breaks of individual authors that are announced from time to time. Remember that too The situation is constantly changing and if the pandemic conditions in Japan worsen, Shueisha may be forced to approve new breaks for the entire magazine.

Wait for the new chapter to return, read our predictions for ONE PIECE 986 or read the latest events from My Hero Academia.

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