Spy x Family is already the anime of the season. The spring anime has begun, and it was the spy family episodes that drew so much attention. Even when faced with the rivalry of Kaguya-sama and Komi Can't Communicate, who are already well established in the industry, the trio defend themselves well and have captured the public eye in just 2 episodes.

Now the The Forger family has found its three founding elements: a father, a mother and a daughter. The first role was taken by Loid, a temporary alias of the Twilight spy who must obey the government and manage to stop a war between Westalia and Ostania through Operation Styx. To do this, he needs the infiltration of his daughter Anya, a pink-haired girl who has just been adopted and secretly knows how to read minds. To complete the trio, Yor took care of the woman in the second installment of Spy x Family, who will play the role of the bloodthirsty killer as well as the mother.

The three characters have very little to do with the characters from The Attack of the Giants, however fan Rainbuniart saw fit to merge the two worlds with some fan art. It looks like this Crossover between Spy x Family and Attack on Titan where Eren and Mikasa are the parents, taking the place of Loid and Yor respectively, and in their arms is little Armin.

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