The Bleach manga was immensely long, comprising over 700 chapters and 74 volumes, published in over fifteen years. With the planet manga suggesting Bleach with a special box in Italy, we can retrace the story to see that some characters have been very underutilized compared to their potential.

What are the Five shinigami that Tite Kubo wasted while bleaching and who would have deserved more space and insight? When fishing in all the hierarchies of the divisions, attention inevitably falls on the officers of the highest rank. One thing is above all Tetsuzaemon Iba, right arm of Sajin Komamura and Lieutenant of the Seventh Division. Despite being a prominent member of the Soul Society and also becoming the division captain at the end of the series, very little use is made of the character and not even his Bankai is revealed.

We then switch from lieutenants to actual four-character captains. The first is Unohana Retsu, first Kenpachi and who will perish in the collision with Zaraki. In practice, very little is known about her, and she appears in some notable scenes. Also Jushiro UkitakeThe captain of the thirteenth division is more of a minor character who turns out to be useful in the end, but never emphasizes his skills as a shinigami.

The last two places on this list are reserved for Shunsui Kyoraku is Shinji Hirako. The first is the new commander after Yamamoto's departure, and although he has entered the battle twice, it always feels as though you have seen very little of his skills, probably due to his lazy and easy-going demeanor. For Hisagi, on the other hand, there was great significance during the Vizard saga and during the invasion phase of the false karakura, but in the second part of the manga he disappears completely and also leaves behind the doubts about his Bankai, which were only revealed with the easy novels.

What do you think the least exploited Shinigami are? Perhaps some of them will get immersed in the anime Bleach Millennial War.

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