The following review of Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei 2 - final chapter Contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Warning, this series is full of confusing and very scientific magic. Headaches if you don't understand the terms are completely normal. Have fun with the evaluation.

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Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei 2 - final chapter

It is April 7th, 2096 and Tatsuya Shiba, Miyuki Shiba, Honaka Mitsui and Kitayama Shizuku are at the epicenter of an extreme terrorist attack on the "Tokyo Offshore Tower". The announcement of the group "Frente de la Nueva Raza" caused a stir among the participants, in addition to the constant concern that this tower of more than 2000 meters could fall at any time due to the power failure. Hayama with Minami Sakurai, guard in the building, because they had information in advance about what this extremist group was planning. Now Tatsuya and Miyuki must stop the terrorist attack along with the collapse of the tower, a precise request from their Yotsuba family, and for support they have given the company of Sakurai Minami, a young girl painstakingly trained to be Miyuki's personal To be of help Who has now been described as a trustworthy person under Tatsuya's careful eyes.

The plan is put into action and to initiate it. Tatsuya decides to leave the tower, but not via the emergency stairs or the elevator, but by jumping from it and controlling the fall with his CAD, Miyuki taking Sakurai. On the underground floors, Tatsuya uses his magic, which is very similar to visual magic, to determine the number of people in the tower. He manages to capture 35 semi-conscious and unconscious people on the 35th floor, and five terrorists are in the control center, but it is possible that some of these inconveniences on the 35th floor are members of the Frente de la Nueva Raza group. In the middle of the evacuation, "a 5.4 magnitude earthquake with a seismic intensity of 4" occurs at a depth of 10 km in Tokyo Bay, causing the elevator to stop where Honaka and Kitayama stop, so the elevator does not starts. new without manual operation. To save Honaka and Kitayama, Tatsuya must reach the control center on the first floor of the subway and remotely restart the elevator. So Tatsuya will try to negotiate with them first.

Tatsuya comes to the ground with Miyuki and Sakurai where the terrorists are, but they attack quickly, so the bullets are stopped thanks to Sakurai's shield. Tatsuya immediately asks to speak to her leader, who introduces himself as Kan Fehr. Tatsuya introduces himself anyway and clearly asks to be allowed to use the control center to restart the elevator, which had an emergency stop due to the earthquake. Terrorist Kan Fehr refuses to allow Tatsuya access, claiming that he and his men will take care of it, but Tatsuya knows that no member of this group has anyone with the technical ability to remotely reset the elevator. Kan Fehr refuses again, saying that he will not prevent any enemy from approaching the control center. Tatsuya concludes that he is using the control equipment to control the explosives. Tatsuya reacts to the threat they pose to himself and that of his two companions. He disarms the guards and attacks them while the terrorists react aggressively, but Sakurai stops the first attack with his shield. Tatsuya eliminates the items thrown at her and Miyuki freezes the enemy.

The building is starting to shake and it is because thanks to "Destruction by Resonance" the bombs were activated remotely to destroy the pillars of the tower. Tatsuya reads the thoughts of Kan Fehr and discovers that this man is actually called Misaki Hiroshi and belongs to the third research institute, the research focus of this institute is on the control of several types of magic with simultaneous activation. During the battle against Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Sakurai, Misaki Hiroshi released magic in the depths to destroy the building. Tatsuya discovers that it is not Misaki who made this magical publication, but that he was in control of another person's area of ​​magical operations, but in reality that person or girl was in agreement with and in harmony with Misaki through a magical spell Sensory disorder. This spell can be used to put a mage into a hypnotic state and induce them to use their magic.

Preventing the building from collapsing is currently a priority. Therefore the elevator has to be stopped. Tatsuya, Miyuki and Sakurai now descend to the top floor, where the explosives are located. Honaka and Kitayama manage to get off the elevator and wait on the 180th floor while Tatsuya and Sakurai try to prevent the base of the tower columns from collapsing. Restoring one column only breaks the others, so Tatsuya has to restore all four columns at the same time. This is more than 2000 meters to fully restore. However, this corresponds to the restoration of the entire gigantic building. . Tatsuya analyzes whether his brain can support this enormous amount of information, but when he sees Miyuki, he remembers the two things he must never reveal. The first is the oath Tatsuya took to protect Miyuki to the end, and the second is the trust Miyuki put in Tatsuya. So the two brothers embrace and without further hesitation Tatsuya begins to change the Eidos story, structural information of the tower, information of the materials, now the integration of all information, the construction begins and with the magic 'restoration' Tatsuya initiates the " Activated Restoration “… In this way, the entire 2000 meter tower returns to its original appearance and functionality. Tatsuya falls from exhaustion, but is still conscious and resting on Miyuki's legs. I fully trust that everything is resolved.

During her stay at the main Yotsuba residence, Maya Yotsuba learns that it was Tatsuya who saved everyone from this precarious situation in the tower, information that comes directly from Hayama. Now Sakurai is resting in her room, recovering from that night, while Maya has sent something in her position directly to Hayama. Now, on April 8, 2096, Tatsuya and his friends are organizing everything for the arrival of the new students without avoiding incident. Tatsuya and Miyuki, however, receive a letter that Sakurai has sent on behalf of Aunt Maya Yotsuba informing that Sakurai Minami will be living in the same house with the Shiba brothers from today, both accept the order and greet the new member.



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