The animation studio Flat studio and one of its creators, "Banishment", produced an original short film entitled "Rakka-sei (Autumn life) ”Posted on YouTube last weekend. Daiki Yamashita play the hero Akari Kitou to heroin and Marie Miyake plays the teacher. On the other hand, EVE plays the title track "Slumber".

The story follows Kaede, a schoolboy in Tokyo who is haunted by mysterious dreams. In the world of dreams, where monsters wander, he meets his "other self". As the spirit world erodes, Kaede will face the secrets of her feelings.

On the other hand, Ioundraw founded Flat Studio in January 2019. He and the studio worked together on the production of two commercials for the service LINE novel in Japan since his debut in April 2019. Ioundraw became a professional illustrator at a very young age and published his graduation project entitled “Yume ga Sameru Made (Before you wake up) ”In July 2017. His project is a promotional video for a fictional feature film, ie a virtual promotional video.

Source: ANN



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