It was July 18, 2019 when an arson attack hit Studio 1 of Kyoto animationand caused the deaths of over 30 people. Today, a year and a half later, the perpetrator Shinji Aoba, who was arrested in May 2020, and further details on the motive have become known.

The officers' attention in rebuilding the reasons that led Aoba to try the life of all animators present in the study, and the results of a recent investigation led to the conclusion that his actions would have been motivated after appropriating A script that Aoba wrote and sent to Kyoto Animation for a competition that would serve as the basis for a scene that appeared on the Tsurune series.

Kyoto Shimbum also told officials about the words spoken by the guilty: "What Kyoto Animation copied is the Tsurune scene in which the main characters buy cheap meat.", It's about a sequence in the fifth episode, aired in November 2018, 8 months before the attack, in which the two male protagonists walk into a grocery store and decide to buy some meat for the archery club.

The simplicity and normality of such a scene, which is present in other series, only emphasize the madness of Aoba's mighty acts. Remember, however, that despite the difficulties encountered and thanks to the incredible support from fans, Kyoto Animation is back with Violet Evergarden, a film that grossed over 550 million yen.

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