During a special event hosted by the Japanese publisher overlapit was announced that the light novels were written by Yu Okano and illustrated by jajan, Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha (The unwanted undead adventurer), will be adapted into an anime series. Production details and premiere date for this new release will be announced at a later date.

To celebrate the announcement, Jaian, the novel's illustrator, released a special illustration.

Okano and Jaian began publishing the light novels through the publisher overlap in October 2017. The publisher will release the tenth volume on April 25 in Japan. The work inspires a manga adaptation by Haiji Nakasone to be published on the site Comic Gardo from the Overlap publishing house since November 2017.

The novels currently have a circulation of more than 1.4 million copies.

Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha Summary

Rentt Faina, a 25-year-old adventurer, has been fighting monsters for over a decade. However, without much talent for the job, Rentt is always battling slimes and goblins for a measly amount of money a day.

Little does he know that all this is about to change when he discovers a secret path to the labyrinth of the moon. However, what awaits him at the end of the road is not treasure or riches, but a legendary dragon that wastes no time in devouring him. Rentt wakes up shortly after, but finds that he is neither dead nor alive. Now it's just a pile of bones. Armed with nothing but his trusty sword, utility belt and a terrifying new look, Rentt embarks on a new adventure as a skeleton in search of a mythical item that will hopefully restore him to human form.

Source: Weird Natalie

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