Although Isshiki Otsutsuki is dead and his ship Jigen with him, the Kara organization has not yet been eradicated from the ninja world of Boruto: Naruto the next generations. Code has inherited the will of his god master and now intends to destroy those responsible for the murder. A great battle will engulf Konoha.

As we saw in the last battle, Code currently possesses Boruto's less powerful karma. To truly avenge Isshiki, he needs his own Limiters are removedand the only person who can is Amado.

With the omniscience of his allies, Eida, as well as the claw mark left on Shikamaru, Code is finally able to hit Amado. THAT two Ex Kara face each other, except to discover that other comrades are about to join the party. In Boruto 68, an incredible ally joins the tide. IS deltabrought back to life in another cyborg body by Amado.

Code and Delta, who have always disapproved of each other, are finally able to unleash their rivalry without Jigen being able to stop them. Who is the stronger Kara of the two? However, the fight is interrupted prematurely. In Boruto 69, it's Ada's turn. Then there is more to consider Kashin Koji, of which nothing is known. Jiraiya's clone should still be alive, but will he choose to stand next to Amado again?

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