The battle with gas takes an unexpected turn Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82. Aware that he is incapable of doing this, Goku devises a cunning trick. However, in a moment of calm, the Saiyan is caught by a sudden flashback. What will be the consequences?

The Heeters even defeating Granolah are just too much stronger than Goku, who therefore decides to give up the fight and run away. Gas has not yet fully mastered the Instant Transmission technique, and the Saiyan takes advantage of this manages to lose track by himself.

In less than half an hour, Gas will be able to return to the planet Cereal, determined to end the fight once and for all. Meanwhile, Goku returns to his companions and urges Monaito to do so Cure Granola. United, maybe they can beat the Heeters.

At Elder Namek's apartment, Goku receives it Scouter that his father once wore. This corrupted one contains an audio file of the fight between Bardock and Gas. However, when he hears his voice, memories of the past appear in Dragon Ball Super 82.

A sudden flashback shocks Goku, who now remembers his parents' face. The memories of Bardock and Gine in Dragon Ball Super 82 seem to lead to important consequences. Goku, who has always considered himself an Earth human, how will he react to these memories? she true origins, could lead to a new consciousness, as well as a new version of Ultra Instinct. In anticipation of this eventuality, the battle of Bardock begins in Dragon Ball Super 83 spoilers.

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