Mangaka Yusei Matsui has now made an important name for himself in the world of Japanese comics. She made her first weekly Shonen Jump debut with Nogami Neuro. Discrete success, after a few years Matsui returned with Assassination Classroom, which was well received by audiences around the world. Now it's your turn The elusive samurai.

The Elusive Samurai made his jumping debut in late January 2021, along with three other series, including that of fellow veteran Kenta Shinohara. Chapter by chapter, Matsui's manga has conquered the Japanese by showing itself already under the polls.

In addition, with just 15 chapters, Weekly Shonen Jump has already announced that the work will receive cover and opening color pages, an honor normally reserved only for the most famous manga. Even those who did exceptionally well in previous editions in the past, like The Promised Neverland and My Hero Academia, were only given cover and opening color pages around chapter 23, and Assassination Classroom itself didn't have the first cover before chapter 17. This confirms that Yusei Matsui managed to win over the Japanese audience again immediately, but how? Let's see what that is first chapter of the elusive samurai.

In feudal Japan between the Kamakura and Muromachi periods The hero Hojo Tokiyuki was born, a young son of the Shogun who could only escape. However, his ability, which prevented him from being taken seriously, brought him redemption when the shogun was betrayed and the whole country was massacred by Ashikaga Takauji. With the help of a priest, the heir of the Tokiyuki clan must find new vassals and build a group that will enable him to retake Japan and take revenge on Ashikaga Takauji.

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