During the latest Dragon Ball Z saga, the Metamor dance fusion and the one with the Potara earrings were featured. The latter was chosen to create Vegetto, a powerful warrior born from the union of Goku and Vegeta. The merger then returned over the course of Dragon Ball Super.

During Dragon Ball Z, Vegetto reached the Super Saiyan stageGiven the recent changes Goku and Vegeta made in Dragon Ball Super, the merger went straight to the Super Saiyan Blue stage during the events of the Zamasu saga. We have therefore never seen Vegetto Super Saiyan 3 during the Dragon Ball anime.

There have been many situations where the characters have made transformational leaps and this is one of them. Still, there are those who wonder what it would be like Vegetto in the Super Saiyan 3 version and the fan Ruto decided to please the audience with an illustration.

The illustrator, who has often given away Dragon Ball-themed fan art with Goku and the other main characters, decided to focus on casting with Potara earrings this time around. Below we see one Fan Art with Vegetto Super Saiyan 3with the usual blue and orange uniform, the orange Potara earrings and above all the thick blond hair that runs down the back. The energy that results from the transformation, of course, involves a strong presence of electric shock around the character.

We'll hardly see a Vegetto Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Super, considering the level the two Saiyans have reached in the last sagas of history.

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