Most Shonen manga have a large group of characters as antagonists. In Fullmetal Alchemist and in his second anime transposition Fullmetal Alchemist BrotherhoodThis group is represented by the homunculus. Creatures born from the drawing of the Father's deadly sins are extremely formidable.

Lust, gluttony, envy, indolence, pride, anger and greed. Which is the homunculus of the full metal alchemist: The brotherhood is the strongest and which is the weakest? Let's put them in a ranking of strength, always keeping in mind, of course, that each of them have certain skills and limitations that bring them very close in their fighting skills.

in the We start the seventh position with pleasureLust. The woman was the first homunculus to be defeated by the protagonists, despite the fact that she represents a really treacherous and difficult to defeat opponent. His main skill is to be able to make finger claws with high piercing and cutting power, and with these he got Mustang and Havoc in trouble. Apart from these, however, he has little else to offer than his brothers.

Sloth is just one step further, a lazy but powerful and also fast homunculus. Sloth minimizes his skills due to his capital vice, but when he gets serious he is utterly formidable. Greed takes fifth place in both versions. The Homunculus is a formidable warrior who can use his carbon shield, but suffers tremendously against both alchemy and fast opponents.

Fourth position instead for gluttony, the failed portal of truth created by the Father. His greed does not in itself make him very dangerous, but when he uses his secret skills the risk to his opponents becomes enormous. We're entering the top 3 with Envy, the homunculus that is able to change shape. Envy is useful for both espionage work and combat thanks to its abilities. He is a very formidable opponent for the power he can unleash with his huge body and for the manipulation of his body that allows him to carry out a wide variety of attacks.

Silver medal for Wrath instead, the homunculus of anger and character who was for a long time the commander in chief of the army of Amestris. His natural ability with the sword would already make him terrifying in and of itself, but with the addition of the eye with the ouroboros, his skills make him almost invincible in a sword fight or 1 VS 1. One major limitation, however, is its age and age of human origin.

Finally in The first position there is pride, the first homunculus created by the father. Despite all the limitations of his power, which only make him terrifying in certain situations, he is certainly the most dangerous homunculus of the group of seven. In your opinion, what is the strongest homunculus of the all-metal alchemist: Brotherhood?

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