Although it seems almost over, the current story arc is the one My hero Academia Manga continues to have many surprises in store for readers. In chapter 294 of the work of Kohei Horikoshi, one of the members of the Union of Villain was the protagonist of a noble gesture to save his comrades.

With Best Jeanist and Lemillion, the bad guys now seem to be in dire straits. Apparently given up for dead, the Pro Hero managed to trap several union members with his quirk. However, Mr. Compress decides to take extreme measures for the sake of his companions. As shown several times in this saga, the antagonists of My Hero Academia also have hearts.

Mr. Compress uses his quirk to compress a large part of his body. In this way he succeeds in freeing himself from the grip of the best Jeanist who caught him. But the price to be paid it was huge and the villain's fate seems to be sealed. Before he says goodbye, however, Mr. Comrpess also manages to free Tomura Shigaraki and Spinner.

In his last performance as an escape artist, the villain also shows that he is the oneI am great-grandson of Harima, the king of bandits. ""Just as the current system was beginning to take hold, Harima targeted the greasy pockets of fake heroes. He preached that reform will bring what he stole back to the streets"But the dream of Mr. Compress is now being entrusted to his companions. Fans of My Hero Academia are breathless with this incredible twist. This explains why Gigantomachia faints in My Hero Academia.

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