It is not a simple clash that the protagonists can endure Dragon Ball Super. Molo knocked Goku and Vegeta down several times, threatening the existence of life across the galaxy. Little seems to be possible now against this enemy, who has also achieved a new transformation and thus more power.

After adding 73 to the Dragon Ball Super chapter in June, Molo transformed and immediately knocked Vegeta out. In Dragon Ball Super 62 we first saw him facing the Saiyan prince, then all the other warriors who were present in the area. In addition to Goku, Piccolo, C-17 and C-18, Gohan was nearby.

He too is forced to take part in this hopeless clash and try to attack Molo several times. Dragon Ball Super’s enemy, however, doesn’t get scratched by the attacks of half a Saiyan, even if he’s angry about Molo’s attack on his father. Gohan intervenes to beat the opponent he knocks him out with an attack.

The clash between Gohan and Molo is not what a fan had thought a few months ago. And now there seems to be little hope for the Saiyans and the rest of the Dragon Ball Super Galaxy population.

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