During the current narrative sheet from BatmanThe crime clown has become Gotham's richest man. After manipulating Dark Knight and Catwoman, the Joker acquired a fortune in excess of $ 100 billion.

He used all that money in the latest issue of the series to acquire a major attraction in Gotham City, The Monarch Theater. It's the same theater where the Wayne family spent their last evening together before going to Crime Alley and meeting the murderer Joe Chill.

Throughout the book, we see Jokers walking the theater with the owner and "talking about the good old days" that have now passed in relation to the Wayne family. The owner accepts the Joker offer without hesitationand also revealed how he was forced to reject Bruce's proposal in the past.

The scene ends with the Smiling joker in the middle of an audience of spectators, killed by him a few moments earlier. The story continues with the next book in the series, 96, which will be published on August 4. In the meantime, you can take a look at the cover of Guillem March at the end of the article.

Batman's serialization recently introduced a new antihero: Ghost Maker. In addition, the authors have redesigned the Batman suit, which will apparently play an important role in future chapters of the publication.

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