Just in time, like every month, Toyotaro returns with a new chapter of Manga Plus Dragon Ball Super under the supervision of Akira Toriyama. In fact, the two have finally given way to the clash between Granolah and Goku on which the manga designer's excellent choreography is based.

In the end Saiyans and cereleans met again after 40 yearsor since the planet Cerel was besieged by Freeza and his henchmen in a real mass extinction. In order to get revenge, Granolah has given up the remains of her life in order to become the strongest warrior in the universe and ultimately to be able to kill the evil architect of her kind, Freeza, with her own hands.

The Cereleans clashed with Goku in a fight that got the protagonist in serious trouble, both in basic form and in Super Saiyan God. At some point in the fight, however Goku joined Ultra Instinct along with the strength of the Super Saiyan godThis effectively avoids many opportunities for improvement that divine technology could reserve in the iconic transformation. Some readers actually hoped that this amalgamation of powers could reserve a new power-up for our hero, but the two writers preferred to combine them sooner than expected and without much fuss.

It is now getting a lot harder to imagine the next evolutionary stage of Goku, as he has already learned to use both techniques, albeit with some limitations. Who knows that Toyotaro and Toriyama will decide on a different plan at the end of the fair, maybe with a kind Ultra Instinct 2. What do you think the next Goku power-up will be? Do you have any ideas? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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