Shoto Todoroki is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the cast of My hero academia. Audiences love him not only for his spectacular quirk, which combines fire and ice, and for his looks, but also for the incredible development he has become the protagonist over the course of the series.

Shoto is the fruit of an arranged marriage born with the sole aim of possessing the ultimate idiosyncrasy and of surpassing the Almighty Symbol of Peace in size in order to achieve the aim his father's dream Endeavor. His life was not that of any other boy, young Todoroki had to face numerous difficult situations, which, however, lead him to become the hero of his dreams.

The episode that characterized him most happened when his mother, Rei, threw a pot of boiling water on his face as a child. The only light in his life that was a series of training sessions with his father failed, a kind of betrayal that it led to close to yourselfto hate Endeavor and reject the nature of fire.

This event was only surpassed a few years later when he collided with Izuku Midoriya at the sports festival. While Deku gave his 100% to face his rival, Shoto still refrained from using his flames; only thanks to the emotionality and the Midoriya's words Todoroki's mental barriers have been broken. In fact, from that day on he used the left side again and spoke to his father.

Another episode that had a big impact on Shoto's life was meeting Stain and the "almost" change of Teniya Iida, his class teacher. This experience was useful for him not only in understanding the mistakes of his childhood, but also in creating his first real one Friendship and trust.

Despite the enormous potential, Bakugo and Shoto were the only ones who failed the preliminary license exam. Shocked by failure and his own selfish behaviorThe aspiring hero managed to find great humility, inner peace and clarity of purpose. He also made a new friend in this case, the Iraqi Bakugo.

The final event is the one that took place at the end of the fourth season of the cartoon, that is, the meeting between his father Endeavor, who has just become the number one hero, and the high-end nomu. Terrified by the idea of ​​losing his father figure forever and thrilled to see him fight so passionately for the protection of the population, Shoto realized that Enji Todoroki was also fighting with his inner demons. In the fifth season, the two finally treat themselves to something a new way.

What will happen in Shoto's future? We just have to find out in the next few My Hero Academia 5 sagas. Here is Iida and Todoroki's challenge in My Hero Academia 5x07.

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