Wano is the land of samurai, katanas, shoguns, in short, everything that is Japanese. The atmospheres and references since Luffy began to approach the shores of this island are evident. Precisely for this reason, the protagonists of ONE PIECEin order to be able to infiltrate perfectly, they also need suitable disguises.

The Mugiwaras change their clothes for Wano again, and la of course, the same fate meets Nami. The navigator who will bring her captain to One Piece came from a red and white dress worn on Whole Cake Island, but after meeting Kinemon in the old castle of Oden, her new version begins to emerge.

Kinemon gives her a very low-cut and short kimono, very different from Nami’s expectations, who expected a much more covered dress similar to that of the classic ninja. However, she has to do the kunoichi with this blue dress with white triangles and an orange belt. Cosplayer Omi, who is not new to ONE PIECE cosplay, gave her fans a new one Cosplay dedicated Nami Kunoichi versionthen with the dress she wore during the first phase of Wano.

In a room with wooden and paper doors, she is ready to invade to steal treasure.

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