This Himiko Toga cosplay from My Hero Academia is sure to murder you without hesitation

The students of My hero academia They are mostly calm, sunny and smiling. Many have an aspiration to become heroines, make all possible efforts in the various schools in the country and pursue the appropriate course of study. But there is one student, especially a high school student, who has shown instability throughout the series.

The crazy high school boy Himiko Toga is one of the enemies of the protagonists of My Hero Academia. Its history is yet to be discovered, but we have seen it in action several times, including with its own quirk based on blood. Her relationship with her blood seems to have changed her spiritually, to make her the criminal we know.

His disturbing gaze, playful and playful way of doing things all help create a severely deranged character who is ready to bite the enemy's throat at any time. All of this was brought to life by cosplayer Aoi who gives her fans a Himiko Toga Cosplay. The Japanese girl opens her eyes wide, causing unrest, a feeling that is reinforced by the knife she is holding in her right hand. In the rest of the photo, you can see the blonde hairstyle, identical to Toga's in the anime and manga, as well as the beige and blue school uniform.

Always dedicated to the girl out My hero academiaEven Mangoecos prepared a very disturbing cosplay of Himiko Toga. Instead, Aoi showed his qualities by making Soifon from Bleach a perfect cosplay.

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