Get the right armor with Knights of the Zodiac condoms

The Japanese take care of protection campaigns. In fact, there are several souls pushing in this direction by offering themed products as well, as is the case with Sailor Moon condoms. There is currently no product group that is inspired by The zodiac knights, but a French fan decided to make up for this shortcoming.

Aloyse Bay released fake packaging for Condoms from The Knights of the Zodiac. Inspired by the five main knights Pegasus, Crystal, Sirio, Andromeda and Phoenix, he created five different condominium models, each with their own characteristics.

As we can see from the pictures in the post below, Seiya is the promoter of a XXXL condom, Crystal instead of a refreshing condom like diamond dust, Andromeda instead provides absolute protection, Ikki makes you feel a strong heat like the flames of the phoenix, Sirio finally protects with the shield and lets you feel the fury of the dragon.

From now on i Fans of The Knights of the Zodiac can even burn their cosmos in bedin the hope that the Bandai and Toei proposal will be taken up in Japan. In Japan, condom use campaigns continue in Japan with popular brands such as Pokémon and Dragon Ball.

Moi aussi je peux faire des concepts! Corn en plus ceux là, peuvent sauver des vies ou ne pas en créer! 😅🥰 Et si on ...

Posted by Aloyse Bey on Friday 18th Sep 2020

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