Boruto 50: will be the protagonist who upsets Isshiki Otsutsuki’s plans?

Isshiki Otsutsuki he immediately presented himself as a kind of almighty divinity. The strength of the alien is overwhelming, reminiscent of that of Kaguya, an enemy of Team 7 at the end of the fourth great ninja war. At the time, the group only managed to defeat them thanks to a seal, but this time in Boruto there doesn't seem to be anything expedient.

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations Chapter 50 began the expected confrontation with the Otsutsuki. Naruto and Sasuke, although adults and with more experience, seem unable to counter Isshiki's movements, lose any blows and suffer a lot of damage. While they still have to give their all, they don't seem to have the strength that is required to last.

Sasuke risked dying from Isshiki's attack, but Boruto's intervention blocked everything. In fact, the alien suddenly stopped while he could have killed both the Uchiha and the boy who saved him, but it appears that the Momoshiki Karma face due to disorder. Boruto understood this and seems to have decided to pick up the full pace of the fight, aided by his as-yet-unexplained protection.

Isshiki could actually risk triggering Momoshiki's return If Boruto was accidentally hit or killed, Kara's current boss got into big trouble.

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