Between the pages of Dragon Ball Super The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol story arc recently ended, and a new saga has already been announced. Let's see where the fans fear for the role that the next chapters of the manga will play in the series comes from.

With the Defeat of Molo Another part of the story of Goku and his friends has decided to give way to a new Dragon Ball Super story, the name of which has been confirmed as The Granola Survivor. On the escape from prison, the evil wizard freed numerous inmates and it seems that the protagonists will have to face them in the future It is not yet clear who the next opponents will be That is presented in the new narrative arc and this is enough to make fans fear that the new events will be presented soon simply act as fallback Waiting for new ideas to develop. Here are the main reasons for that thought.

The need for time. Dragon Ball Super is the only official sequel that has kept the franchise alive in recent years, and while the manga's production staff have big plans for the future of the job, the latter is likely They take longer to be presented to the public what then might be busy with the new saga and narrative gimmicks he loves.

Lack of space. The story drawn by Toyotaro takes place between the Majin Buu saga and the latest events described at the end of Dragon Ball Z. From the numerous narrative arcs that we were able to read in the sequel to Akira Toriyama's manga, it would appear so The two stories must be reunited soon the moment Goku will meet the warrior Uub. In this regard, it is possible that we could take action against various situations that will arise from day to day in the universe of the Z-Warriors.

The need for new content. Although the paper series continues to be released, many fans are waiting for a new animated adaptation. It is therefore not difficult to believe that the stories told in the manga can be Source of numerous materials for the production of a new and substantial soul.

What do you think? What do you expect from the new story arc? I also report an article with our assumptions about Vegeta's future abilities in Dragon Ball Super.

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