ONE PIECE: Eiichiro Oda returns to apologize on the pages of Shonen Jump

The series of ONE PIECE has been on the pages of the most important magazine for the publication and distribution of manga in Japan, Weekly Shonen Jump, for 23 years, and after a sudden hiatus for health reasons, the author Eiichiro Oda apologized to the reader with a short message.

"There are no excuses! I'm really, really sorry. Thank you for your positive thoughts. I'm getting better!" These are the words used by the Sensei that you can find in the post given below, e.g. justify his current physical conditionand fans did not hesitate to respond with positive messages, saying that there was no need to apologize and wishing that the mangaka would recover soon.

Oda has always acknowledged how much reader support in his work is one of the aspects that keep him moving forward and not disappoint anyone. Oda remains one of the masters in the industry to this dayNot just because of the importance of the work itself, but most of all because of the exceptional rate of production it has had over those 23 years of publication, as it has reached nearly 1000 chapters in that time.

We also remember that Boa Hancock came to life in a beautiful cosplay, and we leave the previews in chapter 993 of ONE PIECE.

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