The attack of the giants is in the final war: all the forces involved in battle

Eren Jaeger never stops step by step. Its history is long and, with 2000 years and more, intertwined with the history of the Eldians. And with chapter 133 of The Attack of the Giants, we have rightly entered the final phase of history, written and drawn by Hajime Isayama.

The protagonist continues to advance together with his colossal giants. The monstrous version of Eren Jaeger has already brought terror and destruction to the global alliance fleet and then appeared on the shores of Marley in his new terrifying appearance. The giant skeleton of Eren then proceeded to his main goalor the strong Salta.

This is where the final battle for the salvation of mankind or of Eldia takes place. The last battle this time will be between earth and sky, as the airship is the only means that can cause trouble for the giants. On the last pages of The Attack of the Giants 133 We see these ships take off from the fortress as they make their way to the giant horde.

Eren Jaeger is watching the scene and is likely thinking about the next step in defeating the new enemies. Meanwhile, the global alliance seems to be using its last solution, and the airships with their bombs are the last hope they have to defeat their colossal enemy. So on the one hand we have the global alliance, on the other side Eren and the march of the giants. They will be the two main forces in this battle, waiting for Armin's group and probably Annie's as well.

What will happen in Attack of the Giants 134? We'll find out next month in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and Crunchyroll.

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