Through a flashback that Chapter 383 of My Hero Academia brought readers back to explain how the heroes managed to control this former enemy and launch a formidable new offensive against All For One. However, the latest panel leaves fans in suspense.

The final act of My Hero Academia makes its way through the epic battle against All For One, who made it through taking advantage of Eris Quirk rejuvenate until it becomes more and more powerful and relentless. However, the heroes seem to have a strategy that can stop the master of evil.

Go back a few hours, in My Hero Academia 383, Mina Ashido manages to solve a dangerous situation that allows Hitoshi Shinso to break free from the muddy villain and check gigantomachy through his vocal cords tuned to the intonation of All For One.

Returning to the present, we see Mount Lady, Gigantomachia, Tokoyami and others launch a powerful one Counteroffensive against All For One, who tries by any means necessary to get closer to Tomura Shigaraki in order to regain control of his perfect body. While the villain fends off these attempts, mysterious helicopters fly towards the battlefield in the background.

It is not yet clear who or what these helicopters are carrying. It probably is Tsukauchi reportedly sent reinforcements to make the final contribution and allow the heroes to win this battle. But who is still missing among the many participants in the various fights? Share your thoughts, but in the meantime, don't miss the My Hero Academia 384 spoilers.

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