The Lasting Impact of Chainsaw Man on Denji's Life: The first part of Chainsaw Man had long-term effects on Denji's life. The chainsaw-wielding protagonist has lost much of his relevance to new characters in the current story arc that Tatsuki Fujimoto is currently drawing.

The focus of the second part of Chainsaw Man has shifted more towards Asa and Yoru.

Denji's Resurgence and the Return of Familiar Faces

However, in recent chapters, Denji's presence has become more significant, and several characters have made a comeback, including Nayuta, the new incarnation of the Control Devil, formerly known as Makima.

With the latest chapters of Chainsaw Man, the mangaka is becoming more adventurous and has decided to introduce a highly powerful devil: the Fall Devil. The battle has come to a conclusion after several chapters, thanks to Nayuta's intervention. Thus, the Fall Devil is defeated, but there is much more to unfold.

The Revelation of Famine's True Objective

This devil was actually a servant of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Famine Devil. In Chainsaw Man 131, it is revealed that the era of devils is about to arrive, completely changing the world.

Humans will be destroyed, and Famine doesn't want that to happen.

The Pizza Connection: Nayuta's Motivation

At first, Nayuta seems indifferent to Famine's project. However, Famine knows how to convince Nayuta to join forces with her. She makes Nayuta understand that everything humans have created, are creating, and will create every day will disappear. And among those things that will vanish is pizza.

Nayuta's Decision: Saving Pizza and Stopping the Devil's Era. As a lover of Neapolitan pizza, Nayuta is convinced to save pizza and decides to lend a hand to her sister in order to stop the impending era of devils.

Source: Chainsaw Man

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