On June 30 at 10:00 am Planet Manga shared the purchase link for the expected steel box of The Attack of the Giants on his official social networks. A few hours later, this prestigious collector's edition is already sold out.

As we reported, Planet Manga opened orders for the Attack of the Giants steel box this morning. Available on the digital shop panini.it, it was available for purchase, at a price of around 20 euros, up to a a maximum of two copies for each customer. By early afternoon, the collector's edition was sold out.

there The Best of Planet Manga - Steel Box Collection: Attack on Titan is a Panini Comics exclusive digital product that includes a shiny chrome box, an exclusive variant of the first volume of the manga, a magnet and a postcard. However, this prestigious piece has disappeared sold out and is now becoming a rarity among collectors. Most likely, it will be found in alternative digital stores in the next few days at more than double the price.

The steel box of Attack on Titan, which is just one of the titles coming with Planet Manga at the end of June, it went like hotcakes in no time. Even before the official purchase link was published, users were complaining about queues exceeding 10,000 people. And you, are you one of the lucky ones who managed to snag one of the available pieces, or did you try your luck and fail?

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