The World Government is on the move, not only after the Reverie but also during the Five Wise Men's decisions to carry out the will of the enigmatic Im-Sama. Im-Sama, the being who can sit on the Empty Throne and holds the most significant role in the world of ONE PIECE, remains shrouded in mystery, appearing only as a black silhouette.

Unraveling Im-Sama's Origins and Speech Pattern

Im-Sama's origins are still unknown, but recent chapters shed some light on this character. Observant readers who analyze the text in Japanese have gleaned information, including an intriguing aspect of Im-Sama's speech pattern. Im-Sama refers to themselves in the third person, using the name "Mu". In Japanese, the name used is "ใ‚คใƒ " (Imu), where ใ‚ค means "I" and ใƒ  means "Mu".

However, the shadowy ruler does not use the complete name ใ‚คใƒ  while speaking, opting for ใƒ  instead. This self-referring speech pattern is primarily used by young Japanese children in preschool or early elementary school, suggesting that Im-Sama may indeed be a child.

The Significance of "Mu" and the Connection to Emptiness

The term "mu" can be one of the readings for the word "vuoto" (emptiness). As suggested by the fan Pangea D Vinci, the term ็„ก (mu) implies the philosophical concept of emptiness, a state achieved by Buddha in Buddhism. Interestingly, part of Buddha's name is written with the kanji ไป, which unmistakably combines the katakana characters ใ‚ค and ใƒ .

This hints at a deeper meaning behind Eiichiro Oda's choice. The character's name could officially be Imu rather than Im, considering these considerations. Furthermore, it may be a connection to the Empty Throne, the Void Century, and Imu erasing themselves from history to rule.

Contemplating the Enigma of Im-Sama

What are your thoughts on the enigmatic character Im-Sama in ONE PIECE? The unique name and childlike way of speaking add to the intrigue surrounding this mysterious figure. Share your theories and join the discussion!

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