In Black Clover 352, Asta led the Ryuzen to victory by defeating the legendary five-headed dragon. THE Paladins sent by Lucifer have been defeated and the land of the sun was freed from its curse. The protagonists of Yuki Tabata's work can take a break for a moment.

Also the last enemy was defeated in Black Clover 352 and finally there Terra del Sole returns to enjoy the blue skies. The five-headed dragon's presence actually darkened the sky, but Asta's anti-magic broke that curse.

After the battle, Asta realizes the identity of Heath Grice, a wizard who died in battle some time ago. Ryuya explains to Asta what happened. Lucius can revive the dead, even the captains of the Magic Knights. After discovering this, Asta wonders if there is no way Return to Clover. Once again it is Ryuya who answers his doubt. There is nothing to do, Asta must trust the intervention of his Black Bull companions.

fears laid aside for the next fight, Asta enjoys a party thrown by her new friends. While Asta enjoys good sake and good food, Ichika asks the Shogun for the first time if it really was her who wiped out his clan. The youngest of the Yami therefore apologizes to Asta for the words she had addressed to him earlier.

Asta is tipsy now and Discover the story of the Ochaami Doll. Some time ago, the Land of the Sun experienced a great famine that was remedied by the intervention of Ochaami, the god of food. Ochaami appears to be connected to Charmy. Could the Black Bull Sorceress be able to travel between the lands of Clover and the Sun? Finally, to get rid of the hangover, Asta is taken to the spa. However, as the boy dives into the water, he notices that Ichika is also present, who runs away in embarrassment. The next day, Asta apologizes to Ichika, but there is no time for that. Auction in the next three days He will continue his training alongside the Seven Ryuzen.

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