The Boruto anime is nearing its end, but fans can still enjoy a few more parts of the anime adaptation Tails Onslaught saga. Kawaki has come to a sad conclusion, to protect the Seventh Hokage, he is willing to negotiate with his sworn enemy.

With the debut of demon, Eida's younger brother, in Boruto 289, Code's team is complete. But before the enemies can even take a step, Kawaki moves first. After the discussion with Amado, Kawaki understood that without karma he will never be able to protect his beloved Hokage. So his only option is to talk to code.

In the'Boruto episode 290 We see that both Kawaki and Naruto's first born son were closely monitored by the sensory nins of Konoha. However, Kawaki finds a way to evade this control. As part of Ootsutsuki, he can clears his chakraae escaped undisturbed during the night. The only one who notices Kawaki's escape is Boruto, although it's already too late since his brother is already outside the village walls.

Not far from Konoha, Kawaki is accompanied by code, which exploited the Claw Marks scattered throughout the area. The last of the Kara wonders why Kawaki fled Leaf Village, a place where he could never have approached him, but the boy replies that he only did it so he could argue with him. Kawaki asks Code to spare the Hokage and take his life for it.

However, code cannot accept this suggestion. Those guilty of Isshiki Otsutsuki's murder must die, all except Kawaki. Code actually promised Eida not to kill Kawaki and allow her to meet him. However, before Code and Kawaki escape, Boruto intervenes at the crime scene.

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