Neon Genesis Evagelion is one of the most famous titles in the animation industry, a global masterpiece that still occupies a prominent place in the Japanese cultural landscape. The large audience that Hideaki Anno has reached over the years continues to grow to this day.

Although screenings of some of the numerous feature films postponed due to the new coronavirus, including Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 itself, have resumed in Japanese theaters, no news has surfaced about the highly anticipated final film of the film Recreate tetralogy. In fact, after a wait of nearly 8 years, the film was originally scheduled to debut in June due to the mental health of its talented director.

In any case, the franchise has continued to undisturbed the immense support of fans, who from time to time devote numerous manifestations of creativity to the brand. Just think of the Asuka cosplay curated by Elefire. Always the latest creation from with a view to personal interpretations Suzupoii, a famous cosplayer who was especially valued for Evangelion and who she tried to reinterpret Misato Katsuragi, NERV's ace in the hole for strategic operations. The result in question, which you can admire at the end of the news, has also won the recognition of numerous fans.

And you, instead, what do you think of this cosplay, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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