Mao: Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga is sponsored by Inuyasha and Kagome

Inuyasha from Rumiko Takahashi accompanied an entire generation of readers who love the work to this day. And thanks to the anime sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Blood Demon, the brand is now back on the crest of waves. A new starting point, then, while Takahashi is on the manga front engaged to Mao.

The new comic by Rumiko Takahashi Running on Weekly Shonen Sunday for more than a year already has the approval of many fans. The author's popularity certainly influenced, but now the previous works also want to promote the new generation.

in the Shogakukan's new video promoting MaoThe publisher has decided to show some familiar faces: Inuyasha and Kagome. The protagonist will explain to readers what Rumiko Takahashi's new manga is about, some of the plot and story, and warmly recommend it. "It's Sensei Takahashi's new job!" Inuyasha calls outThen when he introduces an explanation of the Taisho period of the scene, Onmyouji and Ayakashi.

This short, thirty-second commercial is sure to grab the attention of thousands of fans of Inuyasha, who became and is still remembered today as one of Rumiko Takahashi's most famous manga. Mao also came to Italy with the first volume released by Star Comics in mid-October.

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