Dragon Ball Super: Goku SSJ Blue starts his Kamehameha in the Banpresto figure

How many times have we seen Goku throw a kamehameha? This move is one of the hallmarks of Dragon Ball, and we still see it in action today Dragon Ball Super. Although it was first brought to life by the genius of the turtles, we now inevitably associate it with the protagonist Goku, who took advantage of it with many variations.

The two palms approach each other, the body bends, the right leg swings backwards. Meanwhile, Goku throwing the kamehameha is fixated in the minds of many people, but now you can also fix it on the shelf of your room thanks to a new statuette of Dragon Ball Super from Banpresto. The company's Italian Instagram account shared videos and photos of Goku in a Super Saiyan Blue version, kicking off the brand's most iconic move.

In the first post we see the video of the statuette Dragon Ball Super Maximatic The Son Goku II, complete with special effects that make it even more epic. In the second post we can instead observe Goku's posture and realization more closely, from the facial expressions to the position of the hands.

Dragon Ball Super Maximatic The Son Goku II is approx. 20 cm tall and made of PVC. It's not the only Banpresto Dragon Ball Super creation released in the past few months.

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Are you a Saiyan with a pure heart? Dragon Ball Super Maximatic The Son Goku II. #BanPresto #DragonBallZ

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From the world of Dragon Ball, here is Dragon Ball Super Maximatic The Son Goku II from the Maximatic line by Banpresto. The PVC figure measures about 20 cm and shows Son Goku in the version "Super Saiyan God" or simply "Super Saiyan Blue", a transformation that made its debut in the film "Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of". F '"#BanPresto #DragonBallZ

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